How Do I Bring New Members To My Gym?

My ambition is to win back the clients who left, gain new clients, and find new revenue streams (and cut unnecessary expenses) to accelerate growth during 2021-2022 and make up for so much lost revenue in 2020. Where should I start?

Answer by Mike Ozan

Dear Optimistic in Lyndhurst. It was wonderful to speak to you on the phone and understand a bit more about the challenges you are facing. As we discussed you have a couple of roads you can follow but all of the most likely will go through social media. For your social we discussed that so many small business owners are struglling with getting their followers to actually see and engage with their posts. One of the easiest ways is to boost or sponsor each post for 5 to 20 dollars. At first choose to promote to your followers, your geography and their friends. I would encourage you to begin to recognize patterns and how they relate to content. Watch a YouTube video or other on how to read your social analytics as well as your web analytics. As you populate your feed with more sponsored posts, contests promotions and the like stay glued to these dashboards so that you can learn exactly what makes your audience take action, the better you grow to understand their behaviors the more you will be able to release content in your channels that you know will be effective. The last metric of marketing is of course the ring of the cash register. Be sure you are getting data on your customers and always ask everyone exactly how they got to you. Beyond that, as we talked about visit and download our workbook to help you forcast, identify your brand, build key messages and reconnect with customers.