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Cristine Torek

Advertising Strategist & Business Owner26 years of helping businesses of all sizes build measurable advertising strategies

Ask Cristine how to build a media strategy that reaches your customers and maximizes a modest investment. “More than 88% of the US is active on Facebook. More than 97% of brands use social media successfully to market their business and increase sales. In short, social media is so prevalent to our society, it’s not only important as a marketing tool, it’s imperative that businesses have succinct organic and paid strategies.” Or ask her how she’ll find your target customer, while using strategic and engaging media tactics: where they live, where they work and where they play. A media planner and buyer scientist, Cristine Torek is a data driven, results given and agency livin’ doctor. President and Owner of CMT Consulting, with nearly three decades of experience, she manages the firm's day-to-day operations, vision, and strategy for clients with a customer service satisfaction guarantee. It’s true, her firm has never lost a client due to unhappiness with services. Her expertise lies in her unique ability to offer creative media plans that are efficiently executed into effective media buys – all based on "inside the vendor" knowledge – all scientifically based – making her one dangerous (in a good way) clairvoyant. Recipient of the Smart Women’s award in the category of Progressive Entrepreneur, it’s no wonder her business has grown more than 120% in the past 4 years.

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