E-Commerce Must Haves?

What are the top 5 must-haves for an ecommerce website?

Answer by Sam Sherwood

  1. Familiarity → Unless you are one of the giants, now is not the time to experiment. Create a shopping experience that conforms and save 'clever' for how you connect to your customers.

  2. Relationships → Communicating with your customers post-purchase with meaningful and human interaction will encourage repeat business. Creating a simple 'thank you' cycle for first and repeat buyers with a request for feedback demonstrates an emotional investment from both parties.

  3. Connectivity → Don't put all of your efforts into one platform. Consider diversifying across several services that play well with one another, including your point-of-sale system if you have a physical space.

  4. Wayfinding → Your customer has likely arrived with a purpose in mind. Pay special attention to organizing your products in such a way that uses their language and process (not your own).

  5. Proof → Whether via photos, marketing copy, reviews (social proof), or specifications, treat each product like your flagship. If it's not worth the effort, it likely isn't worth buying either.