Season 2 Ep. 2: Joe Pulizzi Talks Content Marketing Best Practices.

What is Content Marketing?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

"Content marketing is when you’re creating content that is so wonderful, so relevant, so impactful that it changes the lives of that audience so much they actually want to subscribe to it, and they want to follow you on a consistent basis.”– Joe Pulizzi

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland and special guest Charlene Coughlin, President of TWISTCreative, Inc., sit down with Joe Pulizzi, Former Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Founder of The Tilt, Co-Founder of the Orange Effect Foundation, author of several books, Father, Husband, and the face of the content marketing world. During this fun and educational episode, Joe breaks down the definition of content marketing, throws away its misconceptions, and provides outstanding advice on how to use it—correctly.

“And if you're doing content marketing right, you're committed to delivering valuable information to an audience over a long period of time.” – Joe Pulizzi

Immediately into the episode, Joe Pulizzi starts defining what content marketing is, what it isn’t and how to make it work for your business. He also talks about the birth of content marketing, examples of brands who do it well and where it’s all headed. And diving deeper into the episode he talks about a few of his works, Epic Content Marketing, Content Marketing Inc. (the second edition recently released), and A Will to Die (a fictional thriller/mystery).

“If you focus on the needs of the audience first and foremost, you'll be able to sell whatever you want.” – Joe Pulizzi

After pivoting the conversation (slightly) away from content marketing, Joe takes Charlene and Tyler into his bright orange world: why did he start wearing orange and why does he continue with the color. From there, he gets into the story of how and why he founded the Orange Effect Foundation and why it means so much to him. As they close the conversation, Joe reflects on the importance of his work, having fun and the passion he genuinely has to simply help people.

“Right now, I don't think God put me on the earth to write another novel, maybe someday, but for now it's to continue to help these people that are trying to make an impact, and to make sure they can put food on the table for their families and survive this crazy time we’re in right now.” – Joe Pulizzi

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