Season 2 Ep. 5: Waleed Elgindy Talks Brand Marketing and Strategy

What Can Google Cloud Teach Brands?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“Oftentimes when you see that idea, it surprises you how simple it is. And, I think that's a really cool moment. But what gets me even more excited is when you bring it to life – when you actually develop the creative, you develop the work and you develop the way to express it.”– Waleed Elgindy

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland, and special guest, Charlene Coughlin, sit down with Waleed Elgindy, Head of Brand Marketing for Google Cloud. Full of knowledge, opportunity and all-around positive energy, Waleed Elgindy’s story is one of inspiration and possibility. From his early days at ProphetProphet (shout out to Prophet) to accepting an offer to work in the south of France and from pitching the Olympics to his first day at Google, this episode grabs life by the brand marketing horns and says, “Yes.”

“I figured out who I was going to get close to pretty early on. I was like, oh, they're posting interesting content or he's trash talking on Twitter – I'm going to join in on that.” – Charlene Coughlin

Charlene and Waleed met while they were mentees in the Adweek Executive Mentor Program back in 2020. Listening to what the mentees were able to achieve as a group, the connections that were made and the time they all virtually shared together was something most groups struggle to find in reality. On top of this, you can just tell that they’re friendship is only the beginning of something special – in their own personal lives, their advertising world and the brand universe at large. The Brand X Podcast hopes to have all of them on at some point.

“Having that growth mindset, I think is one of the most foundational traits of being a strong leader and understanding what you know, but also being really clear about what you don't know.” – Waleed Elgindy

After going down Adweek memory lane, Waleed then takes the listener into Google Cloud. Here, he talks about the history of the Cloud and what his team at Google were able to achieve for others during the pandemic – the pivot to helping businesses push forward. There’s so much to unpack in this episode, there’s so much to take away from it, that’s it better you just begin to listen now.

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