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Sam Sherwood

UX Designer & Business Owner20 Years building highly functional customer experiences that grow brands and businesses

Ask Sam how you can better leverage digital tools to create efficiency and sell your product or provide your service. “The key to a good website is performance. People gotta enjoy it.” Try asking Sam how to connect the dots between disparate strategies, systems, and teams. He can help demystify technical problems and navigate you toward your business objectives. Experienced and commanding, deliberate and knowledgeable, Sam Sherwood is a maestro of digital technologies and a conductor of user experience. Nearing two decades of web development, Sam has built a stunning reputation in the city of Cleveland. “I’ve seen Sam do things in one week most people in his craft couldn’t do in one month.” He’s the obvious choice: coaching, training, designing, engineering, product development and beyond, if there is a digital need, you need Sam Sherwood. Spearheaded by Sam Sherwood, Heya is among the first experts certified in modern content management and delivery practices, including Gatsby and Contentful partnerships.

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