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Craig Brown

Ad Photographer & Business Owner23 years of helping restaurants, retailers and product makers create desire through photography

Ask Craig how to take food shots that sizzle, product shots that sell and portraits that turn human connection into brand affiliation. "Nothing can connect your brand to customers like the right photo." Ask him about any of a number of visual brand driving services Kalman & Pabst provides. His outstanding team of professionals excels at still photography, retouching, video and CGI. Veteran photographer, key jester, wildlife observer, and creative environmental activist, when Craig Brown is on the shoot, some good shit is about to go down. Since he stole his parent’s 35mm camera in the 4th grade to stalk birds at the bird feeder outside their home, Craig has always been in his element: outdoors, with nature, camera in hand, with a blazing vision to get after it. 27 years later, that explorative spirit and bold perspective drives his camera and the work of his team to create work that exceeds client expectations and work that sets them apart. Co-Owner of Kalman & Pabst for the past 6 years, nothing satisfies Craig more than producing great work while having a great time. It’s that he does.

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Mike Wasserman

Client Whisperer & Business Owner20 years helping home goods, restaurant and product brands sell through photography

What goes into the perfect shot, the perfect image, for your clients? “Our clients already have great ideas. Our job is to refine these ideas, to incorporate the essence and signature elements of a brand into the final product. The ability to seamlessly make this transition from language to lens is my idea of a perfect shot.” Ask Mike about brand marketing, the latest technology for photo manipulation, and the creative process in general. Really, any question pertaining to brands, imaging, or media platforms is fair game. Experientially focused, multiple gear shifter, dynamic horsepower controller, and built with an innate fiery passion to discover creative solutions, Mike Wasserman is a meteorologist for creativity – a brainstormer to capture the big idea with a flash. On top of almost two decades of experience, Mike has been Co-Owner at Kalman & Pabst Photo Group since 2014 – always up for the next challenging shot, always up for the next problem to solve, and always up to see the next client and team member succeed. By shooting for the impossible, by letting creative create, and by doing things right the first time, Mike Wasserman captures a successful atmosphere for his clients.

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