Season 2 Ep. 4: Craig Brown and Mike Wasserman Talk Brand Photography

How To Capture Your Brand With Imagery?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“I know photo is in our name and that's definitely our core, but at the end of the day, you know, we really see ourselves as creative imagery solutions – partners for our clients. And that really is where we shine.”— Craig Brown

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland and co-host Charlene Coughlin, President of TWIST Creative, Inc., sit down with Craig Brown and Mike Wasserman, Co-Owners of Kalman & Pabst Photo Group. A half-century of combined experience in photography and production, on this episode Craig and Mike talk about how their separate artistic journeys began and how their paths came together at KP. A fascinating episode that really brings the listener into their studio, Craig and Mike talk about how KP Photo is not just a studio of photographers, but a studio of solution providers – a team full of multiple roles and various talents dedicated to providing solutions for their clients through creative imagery and collaborative thought.

“We're focused on taking our 30 years of experience and making sure that translates into our clients having a good experience when they work with us. It is that collaboration and the relationships we have with our clients to provide solutions that are going to get them the best results.” – Mike Wasserman

From big brands to business start-ups, KP’s unique ability and continued success is centered around the easy experience they bring to each project, and the capability and ambition their team has to go above and beyond for their clients to achieve their vision and solve problems. It’s for those reasons that KP has become such a close partner with TWIST Creative, Inc., and was invited to join the team of experts at Brand X.

“I think everything that KP does, the reason we work with them so much is because of who they are, how they operate and the relationship our team at TWIST has with them. – Charlene Coughlin

As the episode comes to a close, Craig and Mike go deeper into the art of photography itself and the vision they have for KP and their team moving forward. A memorable ending, it’s awesome to hear how Craig and Mike’s two different personalities complement one another and how their shared passion for photography keeps them on the path toward success for KP Photo and their beloved clients.

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