No-Cost, DIY Crisis Positioning for Brands & Causes.

It's time to pivot your brand, your key messages, your sales process and your product. Right now!

This no-cost program is built for small business. You didn't survive this crisis to miss the opportunities of recovery.

Big brands pivoted their messages fast. Mike Ozan, a 25 year advertising veteran, writer and brand strategist will demonstrate what you need to know and deliver tools that will help you structure a DIY pivot. Your customers' problems have changed. Their selection and purchase criteria has changed. It's time to preserve your brand and accelerate your customers' loyalty. It's time to prepare your brand for the recruitment opportunities that will befall local companies as top talent leaves the coasts and heads to smaller metro areas. It's time to pivot toward prosperity.

Download the workbook and make a plan and watch the webinar.Download the workbook and make a plan and watch the webinar.