Season 2 Episode 7: Gradient Talks DEI in the Workplace

How Can DEI Increase Your ROI?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“Gradient really came about as the result of relationships. Because that is something that is core to the work that we do. We value relationships and we think that relationships really are the catalyst for all change.”

– Robbin Hudson

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland and special guest Charlene Coughlin, President of TWIST Creative, Inc., sit down with the three founders of Gradient: Robbin Hudson, Jerry Peña, and Victor Ruiz. Gradient is a national DEI and Consulting agency that turns workplaces into communities and people and businesses into the best versions of themselves. They’re also expert partners of Brand X. Full of laughter and perspective this episode really brings the listener into the heart of who Gradient is and the unique offering they bring to the lives of people and the clients they serve.

“It's a lot of listening. So as a coach, you really have to listen. You're not really tied to the outcome because it's the person's outcomes.  But once you understand where they want to go, you kind of create this journey to help them get there.”

– Victor Ruiz

One of the biggest take aways from this episode is learning about Gradient’s human approach to their work. They don’t preach, they don’t judge, and they don’t pressure. Gradient simply listens to their clients and guides them along a path to help them achieve their vision. In a word (or more): they make it easy.  

“If you really take your time and have those thoughtful conversations with folks, as Robbin said earlier: this work is a lot about values. And so, you start to talk to people about their values, what they care about and who they care about in the world, there's always a connection that you can make to this work. This helps them understand why it's important, and how it could benefit not only them, but their families, their communities by diving in and doing it.”

 – Jerry Peña

More than coaches, Gradient is a team of educators who truly understand the DEI space and the benefits both people and businesses can get from it. At the close of this episode, Gradient takes a deep dive into how special their work is and what it means to them as individuals and the future of their team moving forward. So many amazing moments, so many knowledge drops, and so much insight, this episode has the listener’s undivided attention – and in the end wanting nothing more than to meet this amazing team: Gradient.

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