Ep. 8: Sam Sherwood Talks UX Design and Engineering

How to Make Technology Simple?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“Whatever that maintenance cycle looks like for the product, whatever that product is, I like to tailor to that scale or size of organization. And then also try to get an idea of where they want to go.”  – Sam Sherwood

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland, and special guest, Charlene Coughlin, sit down with Sam Sherwood, Principal Engineering Consultant at Heya LLC. A digital architect, an engineer, a developer, a creator, a teacher, and listener, Sam Sherwood takes the complexity of the digital world and makes it easy to navigate; for his clients and the audience looking to explore.

“For me, it’s all about context. Typically, when I hear that someone doesn't find value in something that everyone around them does find valuable, it’s usually because it just hasn't been presented in the right way. So that’s kind of my deal: breaking it down – breaking down those barriers.” – Sam Sherwood

To have a digital expert that’s also an expert in connecting with his clients and making the complex, simple, Sam Sherwood is a rare breed – a rare breed that doesn’t just put in the work but makes it work, for all parties involved. In this particular episode, you’ll find that Sam Sherwood is multifaceted, inventive, caring, and all around enthusiastic to solve the next digital problem. Not so much technical but more educational, this conversation is about what Sam can do for businesses – both in front and behind the digital screen.

“The fact that Sam can really explain things so well across the board, I think is a real benefit.” – Charlene Coughlin

From Dayton to fatherhood, this episode is full of great stories, lessons learned and positive vibes. There’s also a particular sports story in here that Sam will share with you, which is rare because let’s just say: Sam isn’t the biggest fan.

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