Ep. 6: Scott Moss Talks Sales Growth

How to Build a Sales Network?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“You need to understand what your sales mission is. And I think that's where most companies miss: they don't know what they're driving towards.”– Scott Moss

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland, and special guest, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of TWIST Creative, Inc. Mike Ozan, talk sales with Scott Moss, CEO and Founder of M Sales Growth Advisors. A remarkable conversation full of insight you can’t get anywhere else, Scott begins the episode by talking about how he found his passion for helping small business and guiding them through the sales funnel.

“I found what I loved, which was B2B sales, leadership and developing process and strategy and executing on that. That's my passion.”– Scott Moss

A few minutes talking with Scott is a few minutes worth gold. With 25 years of experience, Scott speaks with a great understanding on the challenges and opportunities facing small business: respecting the sales process, building a sales strategy and having an effective and cohesive team that creates tangible results. And more than just his understanding and his breadth of knowledge on sales and small business is Scott’s heart – a heart that truly wants to help businesses grow and succeed.

“You have stuff, you made it, it's a product. You need to sell it. You need to reconnect with your customers. And that's really why we're here: to help them do that. We'll find a way to put you back in front of your customers.” – Mike Ozan

One of the great moments of the podcast is hearing Mike and Scott’s dialogue on the challenges they’ve faced as business owners and the things they’ve learned over the years—and continue to learn. To name a few, they talk about the fears of success, the importance of building and maintaining relationships and the significance of having an enthusiastic team that knows their mission.

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