Stacey Vaselaney

PR Strategist & Business OwnerNearly 30 years assisting businesses and brands receive game changing media attention

Ask Stacey how to connect your story with the needs of editors and get coverage that drives brand awareness, purchase consideration, customer confidence and new business. “The perfect PR campaign is one that is fully integrated between marketing disciplines (no PR person is an island) to coordinate messaging and timing in order support brand objectives.” Or ask her a question about your brand’s visibility and reputation. She can advise you on how to make sure your messaging aligns with your company goals, that your PR program supports those goals, and how she can help increase awareness for your brand through earned media. Stacey Vaselaney has been on the frontlines her entire life, attacking her own obstacles while battling for others: her clients, students of PR, fellow board members, and cancer survivors just like her. Straight up, this woman is a warrior. President and Founder of SLV Public Relations, Stacey has more contacts than an Acuvue warehouse and she knows how to use each and every single one of them: to accomplish every client objective across the board while spreading the brand message to each appropriate influencer and opinion leader. There’s a mantra that goes around in military that says, “One Mind, Any Weapon.” In the world of public relations, that’s Stacey. She’s fought for herself. She’s fought for others. And she’ll fight for you. Perhaps the most memorable moment of her career: Snagging the first ever color photo above the fold at The Wall Street Journal for Duck Brand duct tape. And yes, she still has a copy.

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