Ep. 2: Cristine Torek Talks Paid Media

How can paid media help reach your audience?

Hosted by Tyler Freeland

“I think that CMT has grown because we have the ability to engage with our clients at whatever level they need us.” – Cristine Torek

On this episode of the Brand X Cleveland Podcast, host, Tyler Freeland, sat down with founder and president of CMT Consulting, Cristine Torek. During the conversation, Cristine, along with special guest, Charlene Coughlin, discuss the ins and outs and even the do nots of media buying and planning; while at the same time highlighting CMT’s science driven approach, the importance of social media, client/partner relationships, and Cristine’s experience working in the television industry.

“I think we’re very data driven. I also think we’re relationship based. There aren’t other firms in Ohio that have the relationships we have with the media.” – Cristine Torek

This episode does a great job at showing the awesome relationship TWIST and other partner agencies share with one another and the great work that comes out of that – for both of them and more importantly their customers.

“There’s a level of trust between our two teams. Cristine knows how to push our team and we know how to push her team.” – Charlene Coughlin

Throughout this whole episode, Cristine breaks down so many areas of the media planning and buying industry in a way that is both entertaining and educational. You’ll have fun as you listen in. And after you’re done listening to this episode you’ll be walking away with some knowledge for sure. Take it from host, Tyler Freeland, when in the middle of the episode he interjects:

“I’m learning a lot of shit.” – Tyler Freeland

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