Food Photography on an iPhone?

What tips do you have on photographing food? I am a small restaurateur with a very special menu. I need customers to come back as soon as I can reopen and I want them to see the quality and art we offer diners but am working with an iPhone at the moment.

Answer from Craig Brown

The best approach to doing your own food photography is to do your shoot the way professional studios do. Don’t try to do everything yourself, have someone concentrate on the food while you focus on the photography. Get up close and make the food the hero, limit the number of items or props that may detract from your dish, and zoom in a bit with your camera controls to avoid getting that “wide-angle” effect. The most successful images of food, in my opinion, are tight close-up shots drawing in your viewers. Another technique to elevate your photography is to backlight your subject and fill in your shadows as needed. You can accomplish great images with just a large window and a white card to bounce light into your shadows.