Importance of Internal Communications Strategy?

What are your thoughts on the importance of an internal communications strategy for my employees? How large of a company do we need to be to require such a strategy?

Answer from Stacey Vaselaney

I think no matter what size company you have – from 10 employees to over 500, having an internal communications plan in place is vital. Consider your employees another target audience, one that lives and breathes your brand promise. Internal communications strategies are linked to your company’s business goals. 

Keeping employees informed of company news, updated processes, regulations, and recognizing employee professional achievements are essential to keeping employees invested in the company. Solid internal communication nurtures company culture and builds employee engagement, while conversely, poor and inconsistent internal communication can increase employee frustration and can lead to the spread of misinformation (think rumors) that could harm your business. Most employees appreciate transparency from their employers. 

For example, you wouldn’t want an employee to find out about a COVID-19 outbreak in your manufacturing plant from a local news reporter trying to get the inside scoop. The employee could become upset, and or give the reporter incorrect information. Either way, your company looks as if it’s been hiding something or doesn’t respect its employees enough to keep them informed of an outbreak that could affect them and their families.  The bottom line is that your employees need to be informed not only to do their jobs properly, but to do so with zeal and confidence, and trust in their employer.