Symbiosis, But With A Business Spin

The Importance of Annual Client Conversations

The Importance of Annual Client Conversations

Remember the lesson about the Nile Crocodile that only welcomes one guest into their vicinity: The Egyptian Plover? To give you a refresher, these birds fly into the crocodiles’ mouths to grab a free lunch while the reptile simultaneously gets their teeth conveniently cleaned. Ah, symbiotic relationships. The ideology where each participant provides and receives value from the partnership.

Did you ever think you’d be asked to tap into a grade school biology lesson you learned years, perhaps, decades ago? We didn’t either, but this logic is very much applicable in the business environment, not just in African habitats.

Our team at KP likes to think about our strong partnerships with clients as symbiotic relationships. The underlying goal is to be present to help each other succeed. While our clients provide clear information on their brand objectives, expectations, and image necessities, our team creatively serves our clients to meet those specific needs. When both of these things happen, we’re each benefitting. Ergo, symbiosis!

One way our team likes to establish and grow strong partnerships is by encouraging annual conversations. These open discussions with our partners have proven time and time again that something as simple as communication is foundational for a successful alliance. Here are three reasons why we believe having annual client conversations is critical in growing long-lasting business relationships.

Identifies What's Working & Not Working

During every annual conversation, our team travels down memory lane of the past year and recaps the projects we’ve had with that particular client. Similar to Spotify Wrapped, if you will. By pinpointing what’s working and maybe what isn’t working, we’re able to apply this knowledge to future collaborations, course correct, and ensure an even better upcoming year.

Encourages Strategic Growth

After identifying what works and letting go of what no longer serves us in each unique partnership, we’re able to uncover better strategic approaches. This is where communication on both ends truly shines. By actively listening to client issues, expectations, needs, annual budgets, etc., our team can factor all of this information into future strategies and plans. Being open upfront allows us to work together to produce better results. For example, necessary insight such as this may allow our team to organize concurrent shoots to create more content in less time, therefore, maximizing the client’s time in the studio. Ultimately this leads to getting even more out of a client’s marketing budget.

There are many scenarios where communicating issues, needs, and concerns upfront enables our team to help best understand and gain efficiencies. Present us with a challenge, and we’re determined to give a specialized creative solution in return.

Elevates Client Epxerience

In every business, client experience is critical. Our team puts an immense amount of stock into creating an environment that supports our clients in receiving the best experience we know how to give. A big part of this is simply just listening.

Wanting to be heard and understood is a shared human experience. Without speaking for the collective entirely, our team feels this wholeheartedly. If we’re feeling this, there’s a good chance our partners experience this, too. This is why our team puts forth the care of listening and understanding everyone we work alongside. By providing the space for this, you’ve already elevated the client experience. The challenges presented aren’t always solely based on understanding the intricacies of difficult projects or devising a new creative plan on the fly to meet expectations. Although that’s part of it, the other important piece is identifying the need to develop the space that encourages understanding in the first place. That is the cornerstone of client experience.

Whether your business is rooted in the creative industry like KP or you work at the other end of the spectrum like a financial institution, saving space for meaningful connections with clients is a sure-fire way to help create and grow a relationship-based business.

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