How do we get featured in publications and on TV?

We need more big exposure, it’s worked well with the few good gigs we’ve gotten but we’d like to get more.

Answers by Cristine Torek & Stacey Vaselaney

Cristine Torek, CMT Consulting:Cristine Torek, CMT Consulting: 

Often, you can leverage spend on a paid advertising program to gain "earned" media — or press. Many of the articles you see in B2B publications like Crain's or B2C publications like NE Ohio Parent are written based on an advertising commitment. Investment levels are probably not as high as you might think. We'd be happy to hear more and assist on a program. 

Stacey Vaselaney, SLV/PR:Stacey Vaselaney, SLV/PR:

Publicity is different than advertising (what Cristine has written) as a means to create awareness for a brand, in that it's considered earned media, rather than paid media. Reporters and producers are always looking for good content that they can provide to their audience. That kind of content could be in the form of tips, advice, or education.

Are there tips or advice that you think you can contribute about web design or e-commerce for small businesses? A reporter may be interested in interviewing you for a potential story about how small businesses can make an impact online. Publicity is about creating opportunities, providing solutions to a problem or offering good advice to those who don't have your expertise on a certain subject or topic.

Read or watch some of the programs and media outlets you'd like to be featured in and see how you may be able to be a resource to provide advice, tips or information.